New Year, New Purpose, New Life!

Happy New Year! I hope you had a fun and peaceful holiday.

We did have a nice holiday. We hung out at home painting and chill’in. The kids checked out a little baking camp at Longo’s Loft and we celebrated Christmas and New Year’s out of town with family. The New Year’s party was a murder mystery party so everyone dressed up this year. I was a flashy flapper girl. Lol. It reminded me how much I love to get all dolled up :) I’ve always liked my fashion and it’s so cool to see my daughter Summer excited about fashion stuff now too.

A highlight of my holiday was spending time with my new, gorgeous niece. She’s probably going to like fashion too as you’ll see from her outfit below!

A word that keeps coming up for me lately is FREEDOM. Freedom is all about having choice. We get to choose our clothes. friends, schedules, what we do with our time and who we spend our time with. So often we compare ourselves to others and we end up doing what everyone else is doing and we can easily lose track of our own needs and desires.

What do you need this year? Do you desire to slow down or reconnect with your children or self? Do you need to start saying no more often? Do you want more clarity around your purpose or career path?

I’m making some changes to my schedule this year. I’ll be running two weekly events this year instead of one. My intention for this new event is to create a small group of moms who meet twice a month to support each other, share wisdom and work together towards defining their purpose this year. Full details to come soon :)

I believe we can create a beautiful, happy and healthy life where are needs and desires are met while still being a good mom!

I wish you a Happy, Happy New Year filled with time for all the things you love to do!

With love & support,


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What is a she shed?

she shed’s are the new man cave!

First there were caves. Then came man caves.

What is the latest in gender specific sanctuaries? The she shed.

A backyard haven for busy women seeking a reprieve from the world! What a brillant idea for busy moms with so many roles & responsibilities. Not too mention all the additional stress we have to manage from day to day. We deserve a she shed! Love this concept:)

Thanks &!!

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Am I spoiled or supported?

Some of my friends say that “I am spoiled – in a good way”…… and I wonder, what did they mean by that?

Well, I live in a lovely home and my luxuries are paid for by the business of my husband and every Saturday he makes me breakfast in bed. I’ve come to realize that I am supported and blessed.

Gabrielle Bernstein notes in her new book Miracles Now that if we want to feel supported, we must support ourselves. In the past 2 years there has been various ups and downs in my life and in my new life, I want to feel supported. Therefore; I support myself and people around me in order to attract more of this into my life.

I would like to tell you about someone I know who has recently started supporting himself and I find that the universe is supporting him back. He began supporting himself by:

– Doing Yin yoga once a week (stretching – no funky stuff!)
– Meditating 3-4 mornings a week (he downloaded a Wayne Dyer track on youtube)
– Shutting off his computer by 9pm so he can prepare his body for a good sleep

After 4 months with his new support strategies, the universe has supported him back by:

– Connecting him with an old high school friend who he has collaborated with on a business deal that will help thousands of people across the U.S.
– He is sleeping longer. He now sleeps 6 hours straight vs 4.
– He is more peaceful and grounded throughout the day.

COOL stuff!!! If you want to feel supported, support yourself.

I invite you to join Jasmine and I on Tuesday, March 31st for an awesome yoga set that will help you support yourself and your nervous system.

Click EVENTS above for the details :)

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This Holiday Season Let’s Welcome High Energy into our Homes

Often we overlook the fact that Energy is Everywhere. Energy is the sole reason behind the distinction in our appearances. This happens because energies present within and around all of us vibrate at different frequencies. Our children are comparatively more sensitive to energies nowadays compared to 20 or 30 years ago. Children pick up positive and negative energies quickly, which is why I suggest that we try to keep negative energies at bay. By encouraging and establishing healthy energy habits we can keep our families vibrating at a healthy high frequency this holiday season.

 Below are some healthy energy habits:

1. Open windows as frequently as possible.

2. Diffuse pure essential oils as these are a high vibrating substance.

3. Listen to music, sing, dance and exercise as often as possible.

4. Make an effort to purchase grass fed meat and locally grown food items because foods also vibrate. Vibrations are much higher in garden fresh food items and lower in processed or bag-packed items.

5. Try to meditate often and/or practice Yoga (This practice supports the release of negative vibes and also clears the subconscious mind of useless fearful thoughts).

6.Spend less time in front of the TV and indulge in activities like reading, painting and journaling.

7. Get out in your garden or the snow.

8. Entertain yourself; laugh a lot and figure out ways to have some fun.

9. Be kind and loving towards each other. Confrontations with family members will arise. Practice assertiveness if you are angry or hurt and go for a walk to release the negative vibes.

By allowing the negative energy and emotions to go, we actually are doing ourselves a favor. This practice will support our emotional and energetic health and allow more space for high vibrations to flow!

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Is elementary stress wreaking havoc in my life?

Hi folks,

The day I first learned about elementary stress, I felt like a light bulb switched on in my head. I am sure it was my soul shouting…“hello! Remember me?”

I still remember the evenings when I was 10 and used to sit in my room alone singing my favorite songs. I also remember my college days when I used to dance on stage with my best friends and relish the amazing feeling of being seen. And, I remember the fun outings to our favorite restaurant where I used to take my 17 year old younger brother.

Do you all remember activities and incidences like these too? Do you remember the things you did in the past that made you feel great, energized and joyous?

The fact is that when we distance ourselves from certain actions or specific things which make us happy from within, it creates a divide between our physical and mental persona. This disconnect nourishes stress and some symptoms include anxiety and fatigue on our mind and body. Kundalini Yoga, confirms Yogi Bhajan, PHD is best for supporting and treating elementary stress. The gap and disconnect between our authentic selves and what we are pretending to be is basically the primary cause behind Elementary Stress.

We need to bridge this gap and uncover and expose our unique strengths. To do this, join me on October 21st, Thursday evening at 6:30pm for an insightful and thoroughly rewarding kundalini yoga class!

Click the EVENTS tab above for class details.



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My First Transformation

Hi friends!

This past Spring, I was introduced to a new Nutrition and Whole Foods company called Purium.

My husband is a chiropractor and a nutrition/vitamin junkie so the last thing I was looking for was another vitamin and supplement company, but I soon found out that Purium is different. Their products support the mind, body and spirit primarily with whole foods, one-of-a-kind amino acid pattern proteins and trace minerals.

After some research, I realized that this new hot little company has helped thousands of people transform their body image, reduce medications and improve energy through a  10-Day Celebrity Transformation program.

When I first read about the 10-Day Celebrity Transformation, I immediately said that is was not for me. I feared 10 days would be too long! I had never tried a cleanse before and I ate very clean so did I really need a 10 day cleanse? I consulted with my doctor and she advised me that the benefits of a cleanse would include: giving my liver a break (need a strong liver because all our hormones travel through here), clear toxins from previous over the counter medications and prescription drugs, improved energy levels and mental clarity.

My friend who introduced me to Purium radiated confidence about these products and his background was wellness & nutrition consulting so I figured if Purium had transformed his life and the lives of his clients, then I was in! I knew it was the right decision because as I ordered the 10-day transformation online I felt a sense of enthusiasm flow through my body.

It arrived in about 4 days and I began my whole food shakes, amino acid proteins (one of the best protein supplements I have found on the market), trace minerals (deficiency of trace minerals is linked to depression & anxiety) and a yummy cherry drink that I took before bed to support my melatonin levels and sleep!

Soooo, after 10 days here it what I have to report :)

1. Loved the amino acid protein supplements (they were easy to digest and I felt full when I took them). Our bodies do not need food to function. They do need nutrition.

2. The whole food shakes smelt awesome and tasted okay…

3.  The cherry drink that supports deep sleep patterns is the best drink I have ever tasted (but I love cherries!) After about a week, I began to feel improved and deeper sleep. I would suggest starting with 1/2 teaspoon and working up to 1-2 teaspoons.

4. I liked this 10-day program because you get to eat! Unlike other programs, this one is designed to allow you to snack throughout the day. I stuck to cucumber, avocado, berries, apples, steamed veggies, and gluten free pumpernickel toast was my little treat. I find it challenging to eat avocado without toast!

5. My body needed a bit more rest some days, but I did enjoy spikes of energy throughout the day. For example, my morning music of choice was a bit more lively…opted for 99.9 fm hits vs 96.3 fm classical.

6. Increased libido!

7. I lost 7 pounds! That leftover baby belly roll is shrinking…

8. The best thing I experienced during my 10-day transformation was a very lovely conversation with my daughter Summer (who is 6 years old). It went like this:

Summer: “Mommy, what is that thing called you are doing?”
Mommy: “A cleanse. You mean the shakes right?”
S: Yes, can I have shakes too?
M: I am not sure if you are old enough. I will find out for you!
S: What is a cleanse?
M: It is a time where you eat a little less and digest a bunch of really healthy foods. The whole foods are packed into shakes that help your body gain energy and absorb nutrients so that the inside of your body works better.
S: So it gives your belly a break?
M: Yes love, it gives your belly a break.

I had such a good experience with the 10-Day Celebrity Transformation that I did not want to stop! I felt good. I felt happy. I did not want to end my journey. Instead of stopping, I wanted to take this inspiration and feeling and direct it to a personal interest of mine; Kundalini Yoga.

I signed up for an Intensive Kundalini Yoga Training program. The training consisted of six consecutive days, sixty hours, all in an out of town area. I have never felt more exhilarated and motivated. Overall, I believe the Purium Transformation cleanse set the stage for me to make this Kundalini Yoga Training possible.

Thank you to Purium, David & Jonathan. I am on my way to building the business of my dreams.

And, I plan to take Purium along for the ride :)


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What gives you strength and makes you feel good?

On Mother’s Day weekend, I attended my first Kundalini yoga retreat. My family and friends thought I was going to relax and rejuvenate, but I was really going because I wanted to try something new.

Taking a break from my roles as mommy and wife for a couple of days was certainly a nice change of pace. The most exciting part was the sense of adventure I felt. Who would I meet? Where would I sleep? What would I learn? On my drive to the retreat, I felt really good. I realized on that drive that I am the type of person who needs little (or big!?) adventures in my life. It gives me strength and energy.

What gives you strength?

Many of us get caught up with work, family, home responsibilities and keeping up with activities, events and appointments that we forget to take a few minutes to ask ourselves “What makes you feel good? What do you need today? What would you like to do today?

I have found that taking note mentally or writing down the things that give me strength and make me feel good help make my life a lot more enjoyable and peaceful!

I have discovered that I am not on a journey to find my purpose in life, but I am on a journey to discover what gives me strength and comes naturally to me. That is my purpose.

I am officially saying screw it to being well rounded. I tried to become adept at baking, knitting, fixing things my kids break and taking care of the family parakeet (he died this past Saturday!) Ooops. I initially pursued a career as a web designer, until I noticed that I felt nauseous every time I looked at a page of HTML. Loved the design, hated the coding.)

So since my mother’s day weekend away, I am starting to let go of trying to be good at stuff that makes me feel bad. I recently read that a strength is not something we are necessarily good at or capable of doing, but something that gives us strength and makes us feel good.

Currently, my strength list includes: yoga, going on adventures/trips, bike riding, singing, walking, aerobics, intimate conversations, dancing, gardening, brainstorming ideas, swimming and painting with my kids.

I am excited to see what will go on my list next!

If you would like to learn more about developing your strengths and giving yourself permission to do so check out

Danielle is a fire starter and believes our most valuable currency is what comes most naturally to us :)

Enjoy your week!!


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